Some more Lion news

I didn’t write about Lion since a long time, but this changes today. So here are some new interesting things I found in Lion, including stuff probably put in there with the latest update.

First is a user-friendly System Information app.
I think those images speak for themselves… (sorry for the German text.)

Second: Apple includes WebKit2 with Lion. Only as a private framework, but still.
Again, one image will tell the whole story…

Nevertheless, WebKit (we almost have to say „the legacy one“) is still included, but in the Frameworks folder.

Third is something that is truly Back to the Mac: Letters with accents as you click-and-hold a key.
And once again, one image is all that’s needed to explain this.

Bad thing: apparently, the same letter repeated many times by holding the key for a long time is no longer possible. (Console fanciers, you can breathe: the terminal is not affected by this.)

Fourth is a new animation to flip months or years in iCal.
Just see for yourself:

Fifth! I discovered this when I logged on to Yahoo Mail. Safari apparently discovers when the user logs on to a supported web service and asks if this account should be configured system-wide:

(Once more, sorry for the German text, but that’s my mother’s tongue, and I take screenshots as opportunity arises.)

Sixth is a new Preference pane you can find in Xcode 4.1: Network Link Conditioner. I really asked myself what this does…
 Even after setting my network data, I can’t find my network link conditioned or whatsoever in any way.

Edit: As readers Shaun and Rob point out (see comments), the Network Link Conditioner actually modifies your network link. That comes in handy when testing how web sites/iOS apps behave when using a GPRS or some lossy connection.
However, when I tried this, the preference pane would crash. Hm. For those people whose NLC also crashes, you could also use the method described at Cocoanetics.

That’s it for now… of course, I will write more once I find more new things in Lion.

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  1. It appears the Network Link Conditioner is intended to simulate network conditions; for example, so a developer can test how their iOS app handles 3g networks or bad wifi connections with intermittent faults, drops, and latencies

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